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By ml100, July 15, 2010 12:00 pm

January 23, 2012 – Final report to Borough Council

The Centennial Committee is pleased to report that we achieved our mission and objectives – and in many cases surpassed them – see below. We would like to thank Council and the town for their enthusiasm and support in making this such a successful celebration.

Mountain Lakes Centennial Steering Committee vision statement
The mission of the Mountain Lakes Centennial Committee is to bring our community together to celebrate the Borough’s 100th anniversary. In keeping with the traditions of the borough, the Centennial Committee will provide opportunities for all individuals and organizations to participate throughout the year. The Centennial celebration will highlight the community’s history, including achievements and turning points, as well as the attributes that have made Mountain Lakes a distinguished community, including volunteerism, preservation, philanthropy, and the arts.

Mountain Lakes Centennial Steering Committee objectives:
1) Plan, coordinate and execute a multifaceted year long series of events
a. provide the overall structure for the Centennial events in 2011
b. keep an up-to-date master calendar
2) Encourage all town groups to host an event for the Centennial that features the history and/or unique role they play in Mountain Lakes.
3) Encourage all neighborhoods to host an event for the Centennial that features the history and/or unique role they play in Mountain Lakes.
4) Provide support, coordination and historical background to facilitate all events.
5) Publicize and promote the Centennial.

Events of 2011:
 Kick off event, “Celebrating the Century,” Community Church – Sunday January 9, 2011 – 700 people, great press, beautiful day.
 Mountain Lakes Day at the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms – February 6, 2011
 “A Century of Choral Music” St. Catherine’s Church – February 12, 2011
 “Mountain Lakes History through Architecture,” LWV, February 15, 2011
 Birthday Gala (1920s) – at the Mountain Lakes Club – Saturday March 12, 2011 – sold out, great outfits, fabulous birthday party
 Garden Club Flower Show “The Past is Always Present”, March 31-April 1
 Reception for Centennial logo artist Laura Wilder – Saturday, April 16, 2011
 Empty Bowls and Centennial Street Fair – MLHS – April 27, 2011
 Arbor Day and the largest tree in Mountain Lakes – April 29, 2011
 Lecture by Patricia Reid Herold, “Six Degrees of Separation: Gustav Stickley, Herbert Hapgood and Mountain Lakes’ Craftsman Way” held at Craftsman Farms.
 Memorial Day – including parade, ceremony, Mountain Lakes Day, neighborhood BBQ and picnics – Monday May 30, 2011
 Centennial Neighborhood Tennis Scramble, Park Lakes Club – Saturday, June 25, 2011
 MLSA’s Centennial Sailing Celebration – Island Beach – Saturday July 2, 2011
 Fourth of July – fireworks and 1950s band at the Main Lake – Monday July 4, 2011
 Taste of Mountain Lakes – St. Catherine’s Church – September 9, 2011
 The Children’s Centennial Art Contest – September 18, 2011
 Centennial Outdoor Art Installation – MLHS – October 16-30, 2011
 Laker Voices – Centennial production – October 28 and December 3-4, 2011
 Historic House Tour – Friday, December 5, 2011
 Neighborhood party – at one point during the year each of Mountain Lakes 22 neighborhoods celebrated in their own local style
 Closing ceremony – January 23, 2012

Neighborhoods – Tapping into both the history of neighborliness as well as competition, the 22 Laker neighborhoods participated in 16 Neighborhood Challenges. We would like to congratulate the fiercely competitive, Prestigious Hill Section, for winning the overall Challenge, and recognize their enthusiastic liaisons, Wendy Kotsen and Dana Pogorzelski. We would also like to recognize the second place finishers: The Locomotives and the Flats. Looking ahead, we hope that the neighborhood picnics will continue – the 2011 ones were a great success as you can see from photos on the website, and many have already told us they plan to repeat again next year.

Communications – Our multi-pronged approach worked well. The logo was a recognizable symbol throughout the wide range of events. The Banners along the Boulevard have held up well. The website – www.ml100.org – was a reliable source of information and will remain up for another year. Using Constant Contact, we sent more than 30 e-blasts to the ML community.

Centennial merchandise is almost completely sold out. The remaining framed signed prints will be donated to the ML Library and Borough Hall. The remaining note cards and flags will go to HPC to sell at their future events.

Budget – Our Centennial expenses for the year were almost $35,000 (excluding cost of merchandise), and were completely covered by profits from merchandise sales, as well as a few grants and eight benches donated at the Esplanade. As a result, we have a small surplus of about $4,000. As proposed to Council in July 2010, the Centennial Committee would like to donate these funds to the Historic Preservation Committee to continue to protect and promote Mountain Lakes’ history.

Banners will be taken down by April 2012 as agreed with JCP&L or sooner, weather permitting. Of the undamaged banners, one will be given to each of the following organizations in appreciation of their contribution to the Centennial: DPW, ML Schools, ML Library, and the Market.
The remainder will be donated to HPC to use or sell as a fundraiser in the future.

Thank you to Mountain Lakes: We are presenting an artistic rendering of the Cornerstone Greeting to hang in Borough Hall, and a 100 page Memory Book of the year to be shared with residents and kept at the ML Library.

Thank you to the more than 215 volunteers! Especially:

• Nancy Bigelsen, chair of the Kick off event and the committee: Lucy Luc, Elaine Boyle, Cindy Shaw, Gretchen Hudson and Jenny Smith, and Jane Hayward.

• Maureen McSherry, chair of the Gala and the committee: Eileen Wilson, Jill Sherman, Pam Luciano, Beth Pickett, Melissa Mesessa, Megan Luciano and Debbie Terlizzi.

• Patty McElduff at MLHS for fabulous job with the Empty Bowls and Centennial Street Fair; and Bridget Willke for co-ordinating the historic fashion show.

• Karen Franklin and the Memorial Day parade and ceremony committee.

• Ron Owens for organizing a very fun Mountain Lakes Day, and Brooke Fisher for championing the neighborhood BBQ cook-off.

• Pat Kelleher for organizing the Park Lakes Club’s Centennial Neighborhood Tennis Scramble.

• Jay Eveleth and Lisa Graf for coordinating sailors near and far for the MLSA’s Centennial Sailing Celebration

• Celia Flynn and DPW for the Fourth of July fireworks from a barge and band on the beach.

• Bill Albergo, chair of Taste of Mountain Lakes event.

• Centennial Art Committee: Vivien Greenberg, Amy Whitman, Lili Rosenstreich, and Liz Mazorra

• Carol Marosits, Peter Bolo and the many volunteers from the Medical Needs Foundation for a historic (and hilly) Spririt 5K.

• Historic House Tour committee: Elena Goldthwaite, chair, and Beth Grebe, Pat Rusak, Kymet McNeal, Jackie Bay, Karen Brennfleck, Ginny Cassidy, Lisa Graf, Sarina Grodofsky, Dawn Kraft, Lucy Luc, Maureen McSharry, Antoinette Shanker, Dana Simpson-Stokes, Eileen Wilson, Beth Marshall, Roberta Matalon, Maureen McSharry, Lynn Alberts, Jill Sherman, Andrea McLaughlin, Carisa Wangsness; and the families who opened their homes for the event: the Deyo’s, the Holasek’s, Linda Stansfield, the Solch’s, the Thompsons and the Willke’s,

• Laurel Durenberger, producer and creator, Laker Voices, and co-author Eileen Tomarchio, and a cast and crew of more than 25.

• Lili Rosenstreich for overseeing the use of the Centennial logo in all media formats and on various merchandise, as well as creating the beautiful rendition of the Centennial logo.

• Pat Rusak and Sue Marshall for Landscaping the Esplanade, the winning project for Centennial Committee’s legacy project.

• The neighborhood liaisons co-ordinated by Debbie Terlizzi: Barbara Bossert, Donalee Brown, Phyllis Deering, Debra Dewing, Brooke Fisher, Beth Gellert, Kira Giffen, Karen Goldsmith, Peter Holmberg, Joe Kessler, Lisa Kirk, Wendy Kotsen, Laurel Durenberger, Nancy Maypole, Chris Rachalis, Vandana, Janice Robertson, Mary Rosseland, Sabrina Stanisci, Marla Wexler and Peter Wilmont.

• Frank Sanchez from MLHS for coordinating centennial events throughout the district and bringing Mountain Lakes history into the schools, and the liaisons: Missy Siddron at Wildwood, and Jen Piefly and Dennis Posner at Briarcliff.

• Mark Prussina and the Department of Public Works for logistical support at every event – benches, lighting, barriers and more – and of course the banners!

• Chief Tovo and the Mountain Lakes police department for safety and traffic easing.

• Our Council liaisons – Mayor Steve Shaw started the committee two and a half years ago and served as our first liaison. Doug McWilliams and Blair Bravo took over and served for the last two years.

• Thank you to the Steering Committee – they have all worked hard to make this year such a success – Kris Barlow, Jane Hayward, Cindy Lessick, Pat Russak, Chris Sullivan, Debbie Terlizzi, Kelly Thompson, Carisa Wangsness and Maryann Wargo.

Presentations to Council:
1. Framed signed print of Centennial logo
2. Leather bound photo album – kept at the library
3. Cornerstone greeting

To the residents of Mountain Lakes,
Re: Cornerstone Greeting
And so across the years we pass on – for another hundred years – the friendly greeting from Mountain Lakes’ first residents: That the MOUNTAIN LAKES, which you shall know, shall have fulfilled the splendid promise of the MOUNTAIN LAKES of 1912.

And out of the 2011 Centennial celebration comes the commitment to preserve this wish from our founders. We present the Cornerstone Greeting in a new frame to Borough Council.

We encourage all current residents to become the custodians to the special features highlighted in the Greeting which have contributed so much to our lives here, so they may persist for future generations.

Stephanie Hoopes Halpin, Chair, Mountain Lakes Centennial Steering Committee

November 1, 2011 – Tickets now available for the Historic House Tour on Friday, December 9th from 5-9pm. For more information, go to the House Tour page.

Opening night was a rousing success. But then it came, the storm with no name…
The wet blanket of snow might have dimmed the lights for night two of “Laker Voices”, but it didn’t dampen the spirits or persistence of the players and producers.
Join us in the MLHS auditorium for rescheduled performances of “Laker Voices: The Splendid Promise of Mountain Lakes” on Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm and a special Sunday matinee, December 4th at 2pm, and see what all the buzz is about. Tickets are available at the ML Library and at the door.
Click here for more information.

October 5, 2011 – Make the Past Come Alive! – October 5th @ 7:30pm, MLHS Media Center:
•Learn how to research your home’s history and digitally compile the info at a special Centennial workshop.
•Create an iMovie digital story of your house with photos, newspaper clippings, deeds, etc…
•Add your house to the ML History Archive via www.historypin.com.
•Create a custom QR Code for your house to be posted on your lawn for Homecoming and UN Weekend.
Questions? Contact Frank Sanchez, fsanchez@mtlakes.org. Please click here for more information.

Volunteer server Allyson Bakewell with Event Chair Bill Albergo

September 9, 2011 – Over 300 Lakers turned out for the Taste of Mountain Lakes event at St. Catherine’s church. There was a steady flow of guests in and out of the church, sipping wine, listening to music, trying many wonderful wines and sampling delicious food – all enjoying an evening with long time Lakers as well as our newest residents. The band, Walkin the Boulevard, as well as balloons and candles added to the festivities. Click here for all the details and photos.

There are more than 100 people who have lived in Mountain Lakes for 40 or more years, click here for the full list.

In a town reknown for its beautiful trees, we encourage you to continue to help restock our aging trees. The Shade Tree Commission offers the “100 Trees for 100 Years” Centennial Planting. More information on the 100 Trees page.

Celebrating the 4th of July in Mountain Lakes style!

The 4th of July got off to a silly start with games at the Mountain Lakes Club for the 10 and under crowd – ping pong balls, noodles, big red balls – and many Dad’s with tired shoulders.

The Centennial Neighborhood Challenge continued with the annual canoe race; this year one passenger was required to be 12 or under. Charlie and Ellie Halpin came in first place, giving the Cove neighborhood their first win. The Gellert family from the Fanny Pack came in second, and Katie Kiely (The Falls) and Olivia Sentowshi (the Woodlanders) came in third.

A highlight of the Centennial will certainly be the Centennial Swim from the Mountain Lakes Club to Island Beach. With the encouragement of announcer Brandon Smith, the number of swimmers just surpassed the 100 goal – with a few true Lakers jumping in at the last minute and swimming in their clothes (including the first women elected to ML Boro Council in 1971). 102 Lakers will have their name to be remembered into posterity on a plaque in Borough Hall. Click here for more details, photos and a list of swimmers.

Lisa Graf & Jay Eveleth

The weekend celebration got underway with the MLSA’s Centennial Sailing Celebration on Saturday July 2nd at Island Beach. Serious sailors started the event with tough sailing in light wind. Next, there was a canoe sailing demonstration – harder than it looks! After a congenial summer picnic, sailors from many neighborhoods gathered for the Neighborhood “challenge” sailing race. Jaro Mesicek from the Midtown Oaks came in first place. The day ended with sailing games, Balloon Popping and a Tennis Ball Challenge.

Still to come – the 4th of July starts with fun and games at the Mountain Lakes Club in the morning. Island Beach will be open for swimming from 12 noon to 6pm, and picnicking and 1960s music with the Golden Gup from 6-9pm. The Centennial Fireworks will be firing from a barge in the middle of the lake at 9pm. Click here for the full schedule.

The Park Lakes Club held their Centennial event, the Neighborhood Tennis Scramble, on Saturday, June 25th, with 11 neighborhoods participating. The sun came out for the day, and members and friends of all ages enjoyed a fun day of tennis and paddle, clinics, and exhibitions matches. The club paid tribute to the history of tennis with a few members wearing vintage tennis clothing and displaying old wooden raquests. Beginners to experienced players enjoyed a beautifully decorated Park Lakes cake. Click here for a photo slideshow.

1919 Ford Model T Coupe follwed by Veterans

May 30, 2011 – Memorial Day - Mountain Lakes commemorated Memorial Day with a parade of veterans, boy scouts, girl scouts, school bands, Wildwood bicyclists and others marched from the Wildwood School to Memorial Park. A highlight was the procession of cars from each decade which showed the automotive evolution that paralleled the 100 year history of the Borough.  MLHS Valedictorian Isabelle Laurenzi and Salutatorian Madeline Hu enjoyed an honorary ride in a classic red convertible.  

Jen Danziger leads the ML Community Band

Following the parade, Lakers gathered at Memorial Park for a ceremony of remembrance and appreciation of those who fought for U.S. freedom.  Special tribute was paid to former Laker, Brigadier General Frederick Walker Castle (October 14, 1908–December 24, 1944), the only Mountain Lakes resident ever to have been awarded the Medal of Honor.  Brig. Gen. F.W. Castle served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, and was killed leading a bombing mission in the “Battle of the Bulge.”   Grand Marshall Suzannah Glidden, niece of Brig. Gen. F.W. Castle, gave a touching speech about her ‘Uncle Freddy.’ 

Grand Marshall Suzannah Glidden

The mournful sounds of both the drum and bagpipe corps and the MLHS student band, and the inspiring rendition of the National Anthem performed by sisters Michele and Lauren Currenti, added to the reverential mood surrounding the ceremony. 

Two Lakers were also recognized for their extraordinary service to the Borough.  Kenneth Stokes was honored as the 2011 Citizen of the Year for his service on the Board of Education and his years of dedication to the volunteer fire department and Lisa Shohen was awarded the Janice D. Hunts Lifelong Community Service Award for her commitment to the Girl Scouts in Mountain Lakes. 

After the parade, Lakers wandered down to the Esplanade for the festive Mountain Lakes Day- Hundreds enjoyed the warm sunshine, 1950s music, rides, games, food and more. 

As part of the celebration, the Centennial Neighborhoods are hosting the first ever “Barbeque on the Esplanade.” There were 23 barbequed or grilled entries in four categories: chicken, pork, beef or fish dish. For more information, go to the BBQ page.

Marianne Wilson is a Long time Shade Tree Commission member and daughter of one of the town's pioneering environmentalist, Thorleif Fliflet

Arbor Day

April 29, 2011 – In honor of Mountain Lakes’ Centennial, residents were challenged to find the largest tree in town. At today’s Arbor Day celebration, the Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission announced that the largest tree in Mountain Lakes measures 188 inches around its girth (4’6″ from the ground). The beautiful Red Oak grows in the front yard of Paula and Blake Anderson who live in Neighborhood 12. The Midtown Oaks get their first win!

Mrs.Gorzelnik's 1st grade class wearing tree t-shirts and holding tiny sapplings

For more information check the Neighborhood Challenge page.

The Shade Tree Commission also honored the 1915 Committee on Tree Planting and Landscape of The Mountain Lakes Association, and unveiled the “100 Trees for 100 Years” Centennial Planting.

Volunteer Christine Lachman with Patricia McElduff who co-ordinated the whole event

Empty Bowls and Centennial Street Fair
April 27, 2011 – Raising money and awareness for good causes, learning about local history and sharing with your community – all in one tremendous event. The Mountain Lakes High School was hub of activity as Lakers streamed in to support the “Empty Bowls” dinner and the Centennial Street Fair with 120 booths, exhibits, displays and performances, all celebrating “Mountain Lakes: Then & Now.” A record number of Lakers, comprised of at least three generations, enjoyed the evening. Event organizer Patricia McElduff was thrilled, “This was the biggest and best event ever. With three generations singing, eating and sharing their stories you couldn’t ask for more.” McElduff exclaimed, “Using two gyms and the cafeteria, we had enough space, although at 4,000, we ran out of tickets, but the games and fun carried on. The support for the event is a reminder of all that we love about our community.”

Laura Wilder displays the grainy tecture of a spoon print

Mountain Lakes Welcomes Laura Wilder!
Saturday, April 16, 2011 – Lakers had a chance to meet the creator of the Centennial logo, Laura Wilder, at a reception at the Mountain Lakes Library. As she talked about her work and answered questions, Laura demonstrated the intricate process of creating a three color block print. Her prints - spoon block,  antique hand cranked press, reduction and giclee - are on display and for sale at the Library until May 3rd and on her website.

Lucy Luc & Leslie Kiely


An Evening on the Boulevard: A Jazz-Age Centennial Jubilee

There won’t be a party like it for another 100 years!

The cake by Beth Moran had the name of every street in Mountain Lakes

400 Lakers in their “finest feathers” celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Borough’s founding in high style Saturday evening, March 12, 2011 at the Mountain Lakes Club.

Hosted by the Town Club of Mountain Lakes, the Jazz-Age Centennial Jubilee event was a sold-out affair that transported residents back to the Roaring Twenties.

More photos and stories are on the Jubilee page.

School Building Plays a Role in Borough’s History and Future
On February 15th at 11:30 am, Architect Joan P. Nix spoke on “Mountain Lakes History through Architecture” at the League of Women Voters of Mountain Lakes February Luncheon – held at the Mountain Lakes Club.

League President Margaret Gossett, Speaker Joan Nix, and VP of Programming Rebecca Gold

Sunday, February 6, 2011 – Mountain Lakes Day at the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms was a special day out for many Lakers. The museum tours of Gustov Stickley’s home were fully subscribed. Young and old alike enjoyed stories about Stickley’s ideal community, furniture, magazine and family, as well as hot cider and cookies. One resident noted, “Gustov Stickley was really the Martha Stewart of his day.” Author Patty Herold enjoyed seeing Lakers from the past and signing the Mountain Lakes Centennial History. Residents from twelve neighborhoods attended and the Prestigious Hill Section won the second challenge with the most residents, just surpassing the Flats and the Acorns. Another resident commented, “I had no idea Craftsman Farms was here. It’s a jem. I will be back for lectures and workshops!” For photos from the event and more information on all events click on upcoming events. Also see the write up in Neighbor News: Stickley, Hapgood come together after 100 years, Friday, February 18, 2011, by LISA KINTISH.

Everyone enjoyed lots of delicious birthday cakes!

January 9, 2011 – The first Centennial event was a huge success! More than 700 Lakers gathered at Briarcliff Park and the Community Church on Sunday, January 9th from 1-3pm. The sun was shining, the snow was glistening and children were ice-skating. It was a picture perfect old fashion day. For more details go to Kick-off – “Celebrating the Century”.

December 22, 2010 - Morris County Heritage Commission has awarded the Centennial Committee $1,000 to support the preservation of old Mountain Lakes photos as well as funds so we can display these treasures at the Centennial events in 2011. We greatly appreciate their support.


December 2010 – Centennial logo merchandise makes wonderful holiday presents! Be sure to check out the beautiful limited edition framed print, as well as the logo apron, puzzle, poster, note cards and more. Click here to see all of the Centennial logo merchandise! 

Click here for Centennial Order Form

If you have further questions, e-mail ml100@mtnlakes.org

December 11, 2010 – The Centennial History of Mountain Lakes has arrived! Copies are available for purchase for $75 at the Mountain Lakes library.

The Historic Preservation Committee will be hosting a book signing this Saturday, Dec 11th from 1-5pm in the Community Room at the Library with author Patricia Reid Herold.

* If you pre-ordered a book, you can pick it up and get it signed.

* If you have not ordered a book, there will be books for sale.

The book tells the compelling story – in words, photographs and documents – of an extraordinary town and how its founder, pioneering residents and succeeding generations turned Mountain Lakes from a desolate construction site into the beautiful, prosperous place it is today.

Great Holiday Gifts – Mountain Lakes Centennial merchandise will also be for sale at the Library on Saturday from 1-5pm.

September 22, 2010 – We are proud to share with you the article, “Mountain Lakes Plans Extended Centennial Celebration,” featured in Sunday’s Star Ledger on the front page of the Morris County section . . .

“MOUNTAIN LAKES — The borough will celebrate its 100th year of existence next year with an extended birthday bash that includes neighborhood contests, the release of a new history book, theatrical productions and nearly a dozen events throughout 2011.” . . . http://www.nj.com/news/local/index.ssf/2010/09/mountain_lakes_plans_extended.html

July 15, 2010 – Thank you to the Mountain Lakes Town Club for our first Centennial donation! We appreciate all you do for Mountain Lakes every year and your support of the Centennial in 2011.

April 30, 2010 – Planning for Mountain Lakes Centennial in 2011 has begun! The Steering Committee invites all residents – past and current – to participate in the events designed to celebrate the history and characteristics that make Mountain Lakes a great place to live for the last 100 years.

The events follow the history of Mountain Lakes through the decades.

  • Kick off event – Celebrating the Century – Community Church – January 2011
  • Birthday Party – Gala at the Mountain Lakes Club – March 2011
  • Memorial Day and parade – followed by Mountain Lakes Day – followed by neighborhood picnics – May 2011
  • Fourth of July – fireworks and 1950s band at the Main Lake – July 2011
  • Taste of Mountain Lakes – Esplanade – September 2011
  • Spirit 5K – October 2011
  • Historic House Tour – December 2011
  • Closing Luncheon – January 2012

Please join us for a year-long celebration

The Centennial kicks-off with “Celebrating the Century” at the Community Church and Briarcliff Park on January 9, 2011, recreating the simple outdoor pleasures that attracted many early residents to town in the 1910s.

The Gala on March 12, 2011 celebrates the birthday of Mountain Lakes with Jazz in 1920s style. Memorial Day remembers soldiers from World War I and II – and all the U.S. wars. We will also review our history with a parade of 100 years of cars and people, have some fun at Mountain Lakes Day, and conclude with a neighborhood picnic. The 4th of July celebration features a 1950s band and spectacular fireworks on the Main Lake.

The “Taste of Mountain Lakes” event in September at the newly refurbished Esplanade recognizes long time residents, a few going back as far as the 1950s. In November, the theatrical production, Laker Voices, shares stories and creativity from the century. The Historic House Tour in December shows how our town has combined the best of the old with the best of the new, and the closing luncheon in January will look to the future of Mountain Lakes as we bottle the last year and bury a time capsule.

We look forward to a Boro-wide year of fun, history, and friendship!

The Mountain Lakes Centennial Steering Committee

Celebrating our Artists – past, present, future

By ml100, May 15, 2011 10:36 pm

Celebrating our Artists – past, present, future

Many of Mountain Lakes early residents were artists, authors, singers and actors. There is a long history of cultivating and appreciating art – useful beautiful pieces in the home as well as community efforts. Throughout the Centennial year, we aim to continue the tradition of a creative community and promote artistic endeavors. We invite you to participate in one or all of the Centennial art events.

1. Children’s art contest – all children in Mountain Lakes, age 5-11, are invited to submit a work for the contest.

Chair – Amy Whitman
Timeline – Invitation to submit, summer 2011
Selection and show – September 2011
Location – S.H.E. gallery, Boonton

2. Workshops – in the Arts and Crafts tradition, three workshops will be offered throughout the Centennial year to promote hands on crafts. These will be open to individuals and families. Each workshop will cover its own costs with a registration fee.

Chair – Pia Abate
Timeline – April 17, 2011 – Reception for Laura Wilder, talk and print block demo
June 12, 2011 – Wood block print workshop with Laura Wilder
July 17, 2011 – Mosaic workshop with Donna Conklin King
September 10, 2011 – Mosaic workshop with Donna Conklin King
TBD – stained glass workshop and wood working workshop
Location – ML Library – back patio and downstairs community room

3. Temporary Public Art Installation – out door public artwork.

Chair – Vivien Greenberg
Timeline – May – RFP written with approval from Boro Hall
June – RFP sent to artists in town and art organizations beyond
Aug 26, 2011 – Proposals due
September 9, 2011 – Winning proposal selected
Fall 2011 – TBD – date and location of installation
Location – TBD

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